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Lemonheads-It's A Shame About Ray Album Review
The Lemonheads-It's A Shame About Ray

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Genre: Alternative/Power-Pop
Length: 29:46
Released- Oct. 27 1992
Rating: 8.6/10

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My Individual Song Review
  1. "Rockin Stroll"
  2. A short, powerful, happy fast-tempo song with a killer riff that makes you want to get up and dance. A great album starter 9/10

  3. "Confetti"
  4. Very catchy song with a simple but "happy" 3 chord melody about a girl in love with a guy that doesn't feel the same way about her. Dando's vocals go great with song, but what song doesn't?  8/10

  5. "It's a Shame About Ray" 
  6. A slower, more meaningful song on this album. Powerful lyrics. 9/10

4.  "Rudderless"
 Powerful song about hope. Show's how amazing Evan Dando is at songwriting. 9.5/10

5.  "My Drug Buddy"
An almost depressing sounding song. Shows how bittersweet the Lemonheads can be. 8.5/10

6.  "The Turnpike Down"
I feel like I'm somewhere thousands of miles away when I listen to this. It sounds a lot like other Lemonheads songs mixed together but there is something special about it. 8/10

7.   "Bit Part"
Sounds like every song on the album thrown into a blender. 7.5/10

8.   "Alison's Starting to Happen"
Sounds like Bit Part to me, but they're both still amazing songs. 7.5/10

9.   "Hannah & Gabi"
A beautiful carefree acoustic sounding song that makes you feel like your living happily on a deserted island. I love it.  8.5/10

10.   "Kitchen"
One of my favorite songs on the album. Puts a smile on my face and makes me want to dance all night in my kitchen whenever I listen to it. Everyone likes this song. 9/10

11.   "Ceiling Fan in My Spoon"
A random, very catchy song. 8/10

12.    "Frank Mills" 
An acoustic cover song from the musical "Hair". A short song that I personally don't have much interest for. This song is the worst on the album, but it's still a masterpiece. 6.5/10

13.   "Mrs. Robinson" 
Amazing Simon and Garfunkel cover that has the happiness of "Kitchen" and "Rockin' Stroll" with the awesomeness of "It's a Shame About Ray". A great way to end an orgasmic album. 10/10

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